Jan 8, 2009

REVIEW: venom: dark origin

The Story: A look into the childhood and a young Eddie Brock. The series explains who Eddie was before the symbiote found him that fateful day and describes Venom's first encounter with Spider-Man.

The Good: Art - I love great pictures that can paint a perfect scene. The first time Venom revels his teeth and the final fight between Venom and Spider-Man are prime examples of this. Story - I found the story to be very interesting; it also filled in a lot of gaps in Eddie's story before becoming Venom as well as a brief look into the symbiote's history. Also, in a time of Anti-Venom and Mac Gargan Venom, its nice to get a good old classic Venom story (even if its just a retelling of a good old classic Venom story).

The Bad: Pace - I understand that the writers wanted to give a proper backstory to Eddie, but this cost them precious Venom time. Even though he is depicted on each of the 5 covers, Venom doesn't appear in the books until issue 3 (even then its only on the last couple panels).

The Overall: This series is forgettable, mainly because it was already told 20 years ago. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of retelling the story with added elements, I just wanted more Venom and less of Eddie's psyche. 3 outta 5

Venom: Dark Origin