Oct 21, 2008

spider-man: web of shadows

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Venom found a way to clone his symbiote and has unleashed them on NYC.
Released for PC, PS2, PS3, XBox, Xbox 360, Wii, DS, PSP in 2008.
Venom is the main villain throughout the game.


I just finished the newest video game to feature our favorite symbiote, Venom. Read the official review below:

The Good: Spider-Man - The ability to pull off a ground, wall, and air combo is really fun. This is the first Spider-Man game that really took advantage of all of Spidey's abilities. It was also really cool to switch between "Red" and "Black" Spider-Man mid fight. Final Boss - Without giving anything away, I thought this was a great idea and can't believe it wasn't used in any games before this. With that being said, I felt that the game dramatically fell after this boss. The ending made no sense.

The Bad: Venom - Where to begin! His head was 95% mouth and 5% forehead. He looked awful. Then there is his voice. Half of the time I couldn't understand him, the other half of the time his lines felt like they were written by a 10 year old. The Story -There were a lot of holes in this story, so I won't go into it too much. If there is an explanation on how or why Venom I totally missed it. Also, who picked the list of "Allies" in this game? Vulture....Rhino.....Luke Cage, seriously? I did like the addition of Moon Knight, however.

The Overall: 2 outta 5. There was no challenge to this game and Spider-Man's combos were the only thing to separate it from previous Spidey games. I much rather preferred the Spider-Man 3: The Movie game. If you have a free rental and about 10 hours to kill, pick it up.