Jan 8, 2009

thevenomsite in '09

Venom '09
Has it been 6 months already? It seems like just yesterday when I started thevenomsite. There has been a lot of Venom, especially towards the end, in 2008. We were introduced to Anti-Venom, Venom attacked NYC with symbiotes in the video game Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, Ultimate Venom appeared for the first time in Ultimate Spider-Man since 2003, and we saw what looks like the end of Venom's run as a Thunderbolt in the two part series "Burning Down the House."
Looking ahead to the next couple months, it seems as though Venom will be laying low for awhile. Without any Venom news to report and in order to continuously add to this site, I will be reviewing his comics (this also gives me a good excuse to bust them out again). Feel free to post your own thoughts on each series as well.
Thanks again to everyone who stops by to check out my site every once and awhile.