Jul 23, 2008

venom dark origin

Venom's Dark Origin

          1.  Venom: Dark Origin Chapter 1: Eddie Brock's childhood and college years are described.
          2. Venom: Dark Origin Chapter 2: Eddie encounters the Sin Eater. He begins his journalism career writing about him, but is fired when its discovered that the information was being fed to him by a copycat.
          3. Venom: Dark Origin Chapter 3: Eddie bonds with the symbiote for the first time and seeks revenge on Spider-Man.
          4. Venom: Dark Origin Chapter 4 - The Ties That Bond: Venom pushes Peter Parker in front of a train and terrorizes Mary Jane.
          5. Venom: Dark Origin Chapter 5: Venom and Spider-Man's first fight

          Review of Venom: Dark Origin

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