Aug 17, 2017

venomverse and venomized variants


Scorpion Comics NYCC17 Exclusive


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Aug 14, 2017

iban coello venomverse interview


VENOMVERSE artist Iban Coello sat down with to answer some VENOMVERSE questions and provide so more art from the first issue: EDGE OF VENOMVERSE leads right into VENOMVERSE. How was it working with some of these Venom-ized heroes first presented by other creators?  
Iban Coello: It was really fun. The other creators did a great job with the Venom-ized characters and I tried to do the same. I hope to have achieved it! Did any of the Venom-ized characters take more getting used to than others? Did any offer you surprises you weren’t expecting? 
Iban Coello: I have some troubles with Rocket Raccoon, but I really enjoyed drawing Venom Spider-Man webslinging everywhere! What can you tell us about the Poisons and the design process that went into bringing them to life on the page? 
Iban Coello: It was really challenging because they are the opposite of the symbiotes. They have some kind of crystalline armor and spikes. How was the collaboration with Cullen Bunn? 
Iban Coello: Working with Cullen was great as always. He gave me a lot of pages with great action scenes and I love to draw them. And he knows it!

 VENOMVERSE starts September 6th!

venomverse 1 crain variant

VENOMVERSE 1 Variant - Clayton Crain

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Aug 11, 2017

first look at poison hulk


VENOMVERSE will introduce a new villain in the Poisons.  Back in May, we were shown concept art for Poison Hulk:

Today, Marvel tweeted official full color version of Venom's upcoming advisory:

Are you ready for the Poison!

venomverse 1 unlettered preview


We have already had a sneak peak at six pages from VENOMVERSE 1 and now Comicosity gives us three more:

Venom, Agent Venom, and Mania all together!
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