Feb 24, 2017

We Are Venomaniacs! Podcast, Episode 2 - Listen Now on Soundcloud!

The newest episode of The Venom Site's official podcast, We Are Venomaniacs!, is ready for your listening pleasure! Geek out with hosts @OrionSTARBOY, @BlackFlame_F50, @agent_jcharris, and @Roman_RNS  about the Gerry Conway Carnage series, the first four issues of Lee Price's run as Venom, and exciting news about Venom #6 and #150!
Give it a listen and let us know what you think about our new podcast and what was discussed in the comments below.

spider-man unlimited is going to the symbiote world

Symbiote World

The mobile game, Spider-Man Unlimited, has recently adding a TON of symbiote related characters to their roster.  However, it now looks like they are adding a symbiote world to run through.

Below is the video of the making of the symbiote world:

Per the Twitter account, the level will come later in 2017.  Could it possibly be tied to the Venomverse?  Let the speculation begin!

[Thanks @hughbertmungus for the tip!]

venom 6 sneak peek


Yesterday on Twitter, TVSer @VenomBalor asked VENOM editor, Devin Lewis, 'what is the Venomverse?'  To which he responded 'WHAT INDEED?! Keep reading True Believer!'

Could this mean the Edge of Venomverse is more than just a poster?  Well, Lewis isn't say that, but he did share a special peek at issue 6:

While the tweet does say issue 7, he came back and corrected himself.  This is from issue 6.  I really like having an enthusiastic Venom fan editing this series!

Feb 22, 2017

edge of venomverse poster


In yesterday's May solicitations, there was a ad for an 'Edge of Venomverse poster:'

Now this could mean nothing and is simply a tie-in to the VENOM #150 event, but it may also be something more...

When asked on Twitter if this was going to be a new event, VENOM editor Devin Lewis did not respond. 

What would you like Venom-verse to be?

nycomics private venom creators signing

NY Comics Signing
My friends over at NY Comics (who are huge Venom fans and hooked us up with the VENOM 1 Bagley Variant giveway) is have a private signing with Todd McFarlane and David Michelinie

You can get your favorite Venomized Variant signed or they can provide one for $10.  They are also working on VENOM 6 Variant for the return of Eddie!  Check out their website for more details and pricing info: http://www.nycomics.us
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