Nov 18, 2018

web of venom: carnage born 1 preview


Sorry for the late post (I was on vacation last week when this preview dropped). Below is the preview pages for next week's WEB OF VENOM: CARNAGE BORN 1:

Nov 17, 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Venom 2018 Movie Concept Art

The 2018 “Venom” movie starring Tom Hardy released earlier this October to mixed reactions but has been a financial success for Sony Pictures with the movie grossing almost 600million dollars thus far. Us at TheVenomSite have received some concept art of Venom from the film when it was still under the alias “Antidote” that shows off many unused symbol designs.




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Nov 14, 2018

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Nov 7, 2018

venom 11 watchmen homage variant by dave gibbons


By Dave Gibbons

VENOM 11 is due out in February.

Dave Gibbons' original WATCHMEN 1 cover for comparison:

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Mealtime Mayhem

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