Oct 29, 2014

TALK ABOUT: axis carnage 1


What do you think of good guy Carnage?  Sound off in the comments!

Oct 28, 2014

carnage in axis act 2

AXIS: Act 2

CBR interviewed Tom Brevoort about the second act of the current Marvel event, AXIS and shared some preview art:

So while characters like Hobgoblin and Carnage will appear in their own minis, but characters like Sabretooth and Mystique might not be done appearing in "Axis."

Tom: Even Carnage and Hobgoblin aren't necessarily done in "AXIS," yet. This series isn't like "Original Sin" where we have a moment and everyone goes off and does their own tie-ins. This is much more classic in its structure. The fact that those characters are going off to be in other books does not preclude them from coming back into the main book. In fact, I can tell you for certain that you'll see Carnage in Issue #4.

Check out the entire interview at CBR.  Are you enjoying Carnage's role in AXIS?

Oct 25, 2014

tvs breaks into the 'top 100 comic blogs'

Top 100 Comic Blogs

Fellow TVSers!  I just wanted to say thank you for all of your support in helping grow our little symbiote fanbase here on TheVenomSite!  TVS was recently included in a Top 100 Comic Blogs infographic at #77. We ('we' as a community, not 'we' as me and my symbiote) wouldn't exist without all of you crazy symbiote fans helping with your comments, suggestions, and constant heads-up on breaking news.  Thank you!  I encourage everyone to check out the entire infographic here.

Now all we need is for Marvel to publish an ongoing Venom title so we have more constant updates to the site!

marvel select carnage

MS Carnage

Marvel Select Carnage will be available in Spring of 2015 and will feature three interchangeable heads, regular and weapon hands, and removable tendrils.

Oct 24, 2014

guardians of the galaxy 21 unlettered pages

GoTG 21
Yesterday we got a couple pages of line art from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 21.  Today thanks to CBR, we get a few unlettered colored pages:

I'm really digging that Venom hoodie Flash is sporting.  I got to say from the artwork and the premise, if executed properly, this arc could be one of Agent Venom's top stories.  I guess we will just have to wait until November to see.
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