Dec 17, 2014

TALK ABOUT: guardians of the galaxy 22

Planet Venom Part 2

What did you think of part two of Planet Venom?

Dec 11, 2014

guardians of the galaxy 22 preview

I AM VENOM! has an exclusive look at Guardians of the Galaxy 22 featuring Groot-Venom!

'Planet Venom' continues next week!

carnage in axis 8 preview

Newsarma give us our first look at AXIS 8 which features Carnage sacrificing himself to save Spider-Man?!?!

I was a little skeptical of 'good guy' Carnage when it was first announced, but after AXIS: CARNAGE he has started to grow on me.  Is this the end of Carnage-Man or the end of Carnage all together?  Check out AXIS 8 next week!

Dec 10, 2014

TALK ABOUT: axis: carnage 3


What did you think of the conclusion of Carnage-Man?  Sound off in the comments!

guardians of the galaxy annual 1

Guardians of the Galaxy Annual

  1. Homesick - Venom and The Guardians of the Galaxy vs The Skrull
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