Jul 20, 2016

venom: space knight 10 preview

Available Wednesday, July 27th

[Thanks to Buzz Comics for the pics]

carnage 10 preview


Available Wednesday, July 27th!

ultimate spider-man vs sinister six: symbiote saga

Symbiote Saga

Episode 7 is the introduction of "Anti-Venom" to the Ultimate Spider-Man series.

Episodes 12 - 14 is a three part arc titled "Symbiote Saga"

It features Agent Venom, Anti-Venom, and Carnage and borrows elements from Venom Bomb, Maximum Carnage, and Spider-Island.

I highly recommend it!

Jul 14, 2016

venom gets a new host in october

New Host
Earlier this week we learned that VENOM is relaunching this October with issue #1 in Marvel Now! Today, Comicbook.com reached out to Marvel's Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso about who the host will be come this Fall and he replied:
“Venom is returning for an all-new series as part of Marvel NOW! But which Venom? Mike Costa and Gerardo Sandoval have some big ideas, and fans are going to lose it when they learn who’s wearing the symbiote,”

 While this might mean Flash is no longer Venom, it doesn't mean that he still can't get his own symbiote.  Who do you think or want to be the new Venom host in October?

Jul 11, 2016

venom relaunch coming in october

Lethal Arrival

Sorry for the late update, but in case you missed it online the Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 catalog was leaked on line earlier today - which included a VENOM relaunch!!!!

It looks like Classic Venom will be returning in his own series this Fall!  No word on who the host will be, but by the 'Lethal Arrival' title it looks like we are in for more of a Lethal Protector version of Venom.  Mike Costa will be writing the series and Gerardo Sandoval will be providing the art.

Since the images were all leaked, not more confirmation has been coming from Marvel as of now.

How do you feel about VENOM returning to earth and starting a new series?

[Thanks to @Bizarnage who originally broke the story to me!]
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