Jul 24, 2014

sdcc 2014 updates

With San Diego Comic Con kicking off today there will be a lot (at least I hope) of Symbiote related goodness to report!  I will continue to update this post as I am informed.  So please continue to Tweet/Email me any news I may have missed.

Two Carnage Figures from the preview night (Fine Art Maximum Carnage & Marvel Select Carnage):

 [Thanks to @Bizarnage for the tip]

Marvel's Spider-Man panel is scheduled for tomorrow at 10am PST.  What type of Venom news are you hoping for?

Any TVSers at SDCC this year?

Jul 19, 2014

agent venom marvel legend added to walgreens site

Marvel Legend: Agent Venom

Good news for TVSers without a Walgreens nearby; their exclusive Agent Venom figure has been added to their website.  However, it is temporarily out of stock.

As someone who is a little late to the 'action figures game' and missed out on the Disney Store Exclusive Agent Venom, I am pumped to added an Agent Venom to my collection.

[Thanks to @MikeHeXt for the tip]

venom movie plans

Venom Movie Plans
Alex Kurtzman talks to CBR about the current state of Sony's planned Venom movie:
And where will "Venom" fit in?
"Venom" will come after "Sinister Six" -- I think is the plan.
And you'll direct that?  Yeah.
Do you have any connective tissue planned between "Sinister Six" and "Venom," given that both have villainous elements?
Everything is still on the table right now. Because it's a universe outside of the Spider-Man universe, even though it's connected to it, those movies have to stand on their own. So, we'll see. We'll see how it goes.
It feels like ever since ASM 2's luke warm response, this expanded universe has been put on the back burner.  While I am excited (as I'm sure everyone checking out this site is) for Venom to redeem himself on the big screen, I am more than willing to wait for him to be done right in a solo film.

[Thanks to @OrionStarb0y for the tip]

silver surfer 4

Silver Surfer

  1. Earthly Needs: Silver Surfer encounters Venom and the Guardians of the Galaxy

Jul 14, 2014

axis revolutions 1 cover

Axis Revolutions
This October, Carnage will be a star player in Marvel's AXIS event.  We already know that he will be apart of the main story as well as staring in his own spin-off - AXIS: CARNAGE.  Now we learn that he will be appearing (at least on the cover) of the AXIS REVOLUTIONS mini that will accompany the main story:

From Marvel:
Also starting in October, the battles spill over into AXIS REVOLUTIONS, a four issue limited series that will see various creators chronicle the action AXIS itself can't contain! In the first installment, writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Ken Lashley examine the opening salvos as Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the Children of the Atom begin their campaign!

Will you be purchasing all of the AXIS stories because of Carnage?