Oct 12, 2012

avenging spider-man 13

"GAHH!" - Venom
Venom appears in Avenging Spider-Man 13.  He is tucked away in the corner of one panel, so if you blink you might miss him.

This exact panel was hinted to by editor Stephen Wacker way back in July; I forgot all about it.  I am still a little disappointed that we still haven't had Venom showcased in this series with Spidey:
"All of us here on AvSM hope you like what you see here and you'll come back every month starting in November. From Red Hulk to Wolverine to Venom to Blade to Captain America to D-Man...the one thing Zeb and Joe don't plan on doing is wasting your time or your money." - Stephen Wacker
Keep sending in these obscure Venom sightings!

[Thanks to Shade Hernandez for the tip]