Oct 12, 2011

venom in avenging spider-man

Daily Bugle: Avenging Spider-Man

In this week's free comic preview, Avenging Spider-Man Daily Bugle  No. 1, we get a sneak peak of whats to come in the new upcoming series Avenging Spider-Man.  We also learn that our favorite symbiote will be teaming up with the web head in a future issue!  From the 'Letter from the Editor' (Stephen Wacker):
"All of us here on AvSM hope you like what you see here and you'll come back every month starting in November.  From Red Hulk to Wolverine to Venom to Blade to Captain America to D-Man...the one thing Zeb and Joe don't plan on doing is wasting your time or your money."
I love Zeb's (Wells) Carnage series; however, I don't really much of Joe's (Madureira) work - the art in the preview looks awesome though!  What do you guys think?   How would you feel about Venom teaming up with Spider-Man?