Oct 11, 2012

mu vs avengers

Venom Shadow
As someone who wants to own every Venom appearance, I don't really consider the following an appearance.  However, I know there are fans who would so I'm adding it to the checklist for those who want EVERY appearance.  A shadow, that resembles a classic looking Venom, can be found in the first issue of The Marvel Universe vs The Avengers:

Like the symbiote's appearance in Deadpool vs The Marvel Universe #3, I don't consider this Venom:

This is why I am not collecting Black Suit Spidey appearances in the checklist posts.  However, since I don't/can't read every Marvel book I REALLY appreciate when TVS followers give me a heads up on these appearances.  I am also still in the process of updating back issue appearances that people email me about.

What do you think constitutes a Venom appearances?  Should symbiote appearances before bonding with Brock be added?  

[Thanks to SlenderVenom for the tip]