Jan 13, 2009

REVIEW: asm: new ways to die (anti-venom)

The Story: Eddie Brock becomes Anti-Venom after the symbiote mixes with his now "healed" blood. Along with Spider-Man, the newly created Anti-Venom attacks Mac Gargan's Venom and The Thunderbolts.

The Good: Eddie Brock - So being a die hard Venom fan, I might be a little bias, but I really enjoy Eddie Brock's character. I have to feel for him. He is finally rid of his addiction (the symbiote), his cancer is cured, his life can finally turn around, and what happens? The symbiote finds away to come back into his life and take him captive once again. However, this time Eddie stays in charge of the relationship and uses his powers to "clean" the evil out of his villains. Spider-Man/Anti-Venom relationship - I liked the interaction and teamwork between the two heroes. I have mixed feelings on whether or not Anti-Venom can star in a comic by himself though.

The Bad: Another symbiote - Seriously, how many symbiotes are there going to be? Marvel already has a heroic symbiote, Toxin. I would like more Toxin stories to be developed and build on that character than have more good symbiotes wondering around NYC. Gargan's Venom - Biggest...mistake...ever! I can't take him seriously at all. When he was first introduced (big bulging muscles, a bad ass the T-bolts just had to have), I thought there was potential. After New Ways To Die, I just want him to die. Now that his cancer is gone and he is no longer weak, the symbiote needs to reunite with Eddie and bring back the classic Venom we all know and love!

The Overall: 3.5 outta 5. Mainly because its been far too long since I've read a good Eddie Brock story. The Anti-Venom idea would have been good, if Marvel did abandon Toxin so quickly.