Mar 25, 2015

superior venom in spider-man unlimited mobile game

Superior Venom
Marvel talks about the upcoming updates to the mobile game 'Spider-Man Unlimited', which features the first symbiote in the game - Superior Venom, in an interview on We’ll cover them more in-depth as they debut, but which new Spideys will be getting introduced?
Tatiana Nahai: So many great ones! The update initiates with Superior Venom, [from] when Superior Spider-Man got taken over by the Symbiote, and he is by far one of my favorite Spider-Men we’ve released! Also coming up for Spider-Verse is Dr. Aikman Spider-Man and Spider-Ben (Uncle Ben Spider-Man), both created exclusively for Spider-Verse! But in addition to that, we have other Spider-Men who will be announced later, plus a Community Vote where players can vote for their favorite dimensional Spider-Men! Every Spider-Men released in this update will have playable debuts: the first time they’ve ever been released in a game!

'Spider-Man Unlimited' is a free download and is for Android and iPhone.