Mar 24, 2015

eddie brock will be hyrda venom in hail hydra series

Hyrda Venom
Eddie Brock will be featured in yet another Secret Wars cross-over series!  In an interview with, HAIL HYDRA's author Rick Remender talked a little bit about the upcoming series:

With that in mind, I can only imagine you’re having a ton of fun re-imagining some heroes and villains to fit the story. Can you give us an idea on who we might see?
Absolutely. It’s essentially things like, what would Arnim Zola be in this world? What would Tony Stark be in this world? What would Eddie Brock be in this World? We're playing off of that and building this Hydra world and then dropping in a "fish out of water" with Ian Rogers, Nomad. What’s cool about Ian is that he drifted from one dimension to the next in the main Captain America series, and now he's drifting into this dimension. It kind of gives meaning to the name "Nomad," because he really is drifting from one place to another. That's what made him the right choice for the story.

Do you have a favorite Hydra member that you've been itching to write, and now finally have the chance to bring to life? 
Yeah, but it's more about taking some of the other characters and their histories and dipping them in the Hydra pool. The one that I'm most excited about right now is Eddie Brock as Hydra Venom. He's all white with the green Hydra on his chest. The symbiote took to the Hydra symbolism the same way that it picked up on the spider symbolism when it bonded with Peter. So now, you've got Eddie Brock stomping around with the Hydra symbiote and there's a lot of fun stuff to do with that. I don't want to give too much of it away, but obviously there's a fun version of the Hydra/Avengers that I'll play with.

Below is the cover for issue 1:

Are you ready for Hyrda Venom!!!!

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