Jul 30, 2013

venom 'truth in journalism' producer interview

Truth in Journalism
Screen Rant posted an interview with 'Truth in Journalism' producer, Adi Shanker.  The short is available online tomorrow (July 31st).

SR: Obviously, this is something that’s just for fun, but is there anyway to tie this up into what the big studios are doing – like Sony with Spider-Man or Marvel with The Avengers? Can you use these shorts as a launching pad to propose adding some of these characters into those franchises, or is just out of the question?  
It’s out of the question for a bunch of reasons. When you’re removing these characters from all the commercial stuff, from having to engineer into the Robert Downey Jr. version of The Avengers universe, then you’re inherently restricting the characters. The Spider-Man universe is PG-13. The Avengers universe is Pg-13. These are essentially Pixar movies at this point. Venom, The Punisher, Deadpool…these characters kind of exist in their own world. At the end of the day, I do these for fun and creative fulfillment. It’s a chance to work with people that I really like and really believe in.

Are you excited to see Eddie and Venom in a whole new light?

[Thanks to Blake for the tip]