Jul 2, 2013

thunderbolts 13 preview

T-Bolts 13
When the previews for this week were released on Thursday, Thunderbolts #12 lacked any Venom action.  However, today we get a little sneak peak (thanks to CBR) of Flash/Venom in Thunderbolts #13 due out later this month.  The series starts a new arc with a new writer, Charles Soule:

In issue #11 Venom was ready to turn on the Red Hulk, but it appeared that Deadpool talked him out of it. Why do you think that is? How do Flash and Wade view each other? And has Flash set aside his concerns about Mercy? Or is he still troubled by what he saw her do on Kata Jaya in the first arc of "Thunderbolts?" 
Soule: I see Flash as the guy who feels most out of his depth. He doesn't see himself as a killer, despite hosting the Venom symbiote (that said, there's a long history of symbiote hosts not realizing how bad they really are -- hello Lethal Protector). He's surrounded himself with these… killers, for lack of a better word, and the more he learns, the worse it gets. Issue #13 will directly address Flash's concerns about Mercy -- that's an all-Mercy issue, basically. (As an aside, that's an interesting name for that character, because the more I write her, the more merciless she seems.)
With you joining the series with "Thunderbolts" #12, it almost functions as the start of a new "season" for the team. If you were to put together a "This season on 'Thunderbolts'"-style clip reel to tease your plans for the book what kind of images would we see in it? 
Soule: Deadpool making a wish. Red Hulk in a massive aerial battle over the East River. Red Leader doing some seriously shady business. Mercy's backstory. Elektra luring some boys into a van. Venom begging to get the symbiote back. The Punisher at a party in Hollywood.

 How do you feel about the new author taking over the series?  And what is this business about 'Venom begging to get the symbiote back???'