Jul 2, 2013

spider-man vs venom this fall

Spider-Man vs Venom Event
Today, BleedingCool reminds us what Dan Slott tweeted months ago - Venom and Superior Spider-Man will go head-to-head in an upcoming SSM arc.  From BleedingCool:
But basically, the Avengers are at the centre of one big Marvel crossover, Infinity, spreading across the rest of the Marvel books. The Xbooks have their 50th Anniversary Battle Of The Atom mini-crossover to entertain them. 
But what about Spider-Man? Well I’m told to expect a big Spider-Man/Venom event kicking off in October. 
And details to come at the big Spider-Man panel at San Diego Comic Con.
I guess we have to wait two weeks until SDCC to get all of the juicy details.  However, it will be interesting to see how Venom reacts to this new Spidey.  In a recent ComicBookResources thread Dan Slott said that because of Anti-Venom, the symbiote doesn't have a link to Spidey any more:

Could this event be this year's 'Spider-Island' and have Venom cross over into other titles?  Are you excited for this showdown?  

I will be updating my Twitter feed and this site with every Venom detail during SDCC (7/18 to 7/21); it should be an exciting week!