Aug 26, 2012

CLASSIC REVIEW: carnage unleashed

Since I have to wait a little over a month for Minimum Carnage to start, I figured I would get my Carnage fix by reviewing Carnage Unleashed.

The Story: There is a new computer game called Carnage Unleashed that allows players to reenact the events of Maximum Carnage online.  Cletus Kasady is in prison where he is allowed to play the game under supervision of his therapist.  When he eventually hacks the game and escapes, Venom goes to stop him.  Along the way Eddie befriends a 'musician' named Kristin.

The Good: Carnage - Once again, escapes and starts killing just to bring a little chaos to the world.  I liked how by kidnapping his therapist (who I wish he would of killed by the end) he could recall details from his past throughout the entire story so we can see how messed up he really is.  Eddie Brock AKA 'Freddy Block' - Going back to these 'classic' stories gives me a greater appreciation for Brock.  He really is what makes Venom.  He does what he thinks is right - murdering thugs, letting Clive fall, following Kristen - regardless if it is what other 'heroes' would do.  He constantly has to struggle with the fact that everyone else sees him as a villain.  So while he is trying to stop Carnage, we have a swat team shooting at him.  The only moment when (I felt) he was out of character was when he saved Kasady from dying.

The Bad: Technology - I found it absurd that a symbiote can find you simply by touching an "RGB screen" and then proceed to travel "through the processor and the modem, down the phone line, past the switching stations, up your trunk line, into your modem and processor and right out through your RGB screen."  Furthermore, two symbiotes fighting in cyber space sounds like a cool idea but the execution was a let down for me.  Kristen - She was an unneeded side story that took away pages that could of been spent on more symbiote vs symbiote action!  I did enjoy Eddie letting her believe his name was 'Freddy Block' (although the writer/editor missed the one time she does refer to him as Eddie).  I would of found her side story more interesting if something came out of it - she appears in a future story, her boyfriend seeks revenge, her mother does go after Venom (maybe one of these things did occur, but I missed it...).

The Overall: 4 outta 5.  In what kind of messed up universe would you make a video game (about killing) from actual events....
You missing Brock as Venom?  You wanna get pumped for Minimum Carange?  You like reminiscing about what technology was like 20 years ago?  If you answered yes to any of those questions, you should go back and relive Carnage Unleashed!