Jul 15, 2012

minimum carnage revealed at sdcc

Minimum Carnage
During today's Amazing Spider-Man panel at Comic Con, details about Minimum Carnage were revealed.  As well as three covers!  From the panel:

Minimum Carnage, a crossover between Venom and Scarlet Spider, kicks off this October. Carnage escapes prison into the Microverse and these two have to team up to take him down. 
"Carnage is the worst case scenario for both Venom and Scarlet Spider in different ways." - Cullen Bunn 
"At the beginning of this story, Carnage gets the chance to make all his dreams come true. All he has to do is kill a universe." - Cullen Bunn 
"Venom and Scarlet Spider do not have a flirty chemistry." - Cullen Bunn "Not yet." - Kelly Sue DeConnick
Spider-Man will not "pull the fat out of the fire" in Minimum Carnage per Cullen Bunn. This is a problem Venom and Scarlet Spider specifically need to deal with. 
Q: What Spider-Man character would you bring back?   "I get a chance in Minimum Carnage." - Cullen Bunn
Q: Will Toxin be in Minimum Carnage? "No, but he will be back in Venom." - Cullen Bunn 
Venom 26
Scarlet Spider 10

Minimum Carnage 1

In addition to that a couple Venom related questions were 'answered':
Q: Was the Anti-Venom suit really destroyed in Spider Island? "It certainly looked that way!" - Dan Slott
Cullen noting you can still see Eddie Brock as Toxin in Venom, and he will continue to play a role in Venom's story.