Jul 15, 2012

minimum carnage interviews

Yost and Bunn talk about Minimum Carnage
Right off Marvel's Minimum Carnage announcement at Comic Con, authors Christopher Yost and Cullen Bunn sit down with CBR and discuss the crossover in greater detail.  I picked out the parts that I thought were the most interesting to me, but you can read the entire interview here:
Bunn: In "Minimum Carnage," Venom and Scarlet Spider meet at the worst possible moment for both of them. Tempers are flaring, and there's something -- else -- that puts Flash on edge when it comes to Kaine. Suffice it to say, the initial meeting is -- explosive. Once they get past that, they know they've got to work together if they're going to stop Carnage. But it won't be easy for them. 
Bunn: This might be a little dicey without giving too much away, but Carnage meets some new "friends" who need a favor. In exchange, they'll break Carnage out of prison and take him to a locale where he can start a new life of slaughter and destruction, free of bothersome super heroes. Venom is tracking Carnage -- and the trail takes him straight into the Scarlet Spider's territory. What do you find most interesting about the titular antagonist of "Minimum Carnage?"  
We understand that this Carnage will be a little different in that it's not tied to Cletus Kasady. Is that correct? Bunn: Cletus Kasady is still Carnage. But the initial murders that set this story in motion are not committed by Carnage at all. Carnage isn't the only brutal killer in the Marvel Universe, but there are those who believe he is the absolute best (or is it worst) mass murderer in existence. And those same individuals just happen to be in need of someone with his credentials.  
Bunn: Coming out of "Minimum Carnage," Flash will have a greater respect (and by "respect" I mean fear) of all symbiotes, including his own. He will have seen the absolute worst-case scenario when it comes to the symbiotes, and he will have learned some things about the creatures that frighten him to his very core. After this adventure, Flash will be more determined than ever to make some changes in his life, and he'll be doing his best to live by a new warrior's code, so to speak.  
Bunn: I think this crossover's going to be a lot of fun. There are elements to this story that I've wanted to write since before I ever wrote my first comic script. Despite the title, it's a big story, building on the characters and on the history of some far corners of the Marvel Universe. And the ending -- wow. When Venom and Scarlet Spider have their final showdown with Carnage, it'll be something special, unlike anything you've seen with these characters.

In addition, it was also mentioned in the interview that there would be an Alpha (I'm assuming Maximum Carnage 1) and Omega issue.  Artist Declan Shalvey also tweeted that Minimum Carnage will be part of October and November's (issue 27) Venom.  So this event will span six issues in October and November.  It is going to be an expensive Fall...