May 11, 2012

bunn talks about venom

Cullen Bunn discusses his run on Venom
Yesterday, Marvel drops a bomb on us reveals Cullen Bunn will take over for Rick Remender on Venom.  CBR was able to sit down with Bunn and give us a little more detail on the direction he is taking our favorite symbiote.  You can read the entire article, but I picked out what I thought was the most interesting tidbits of information and posted them below along with issue 23's cover:

Venom 23
You're currently working on "Savage Six" with Rick... What types of stories are you planning to follow all that up with? I'm introducing a new supporting cast and a new batch of villains for Venom to face. Some of those characters will be surprising and a little different from what has been in "Venom" so far. He's also going to go on some adventures and missions that you wouldn't typically expect to see him on. I want to make sure I'm setting things apart from the stuff Rick has done in terms of tone and the style of stories. There are plot threads that have been seeded in storylines like "Circle of Four" that are going to tie into my run really heavily. The "Circle of Four" stuff is a cornerstone for my very first arc and for my take on the series as a whole.
Will your solo "Venom" stories continue the super hero-espionage feel that's been a part of the series since its beginning?Venom is part of the Secret Avengers now, and coming out of "Savage Six" they're putting Venom on notice in a way. They're giving him missions that I've dubbed "Code: Uatu" missions. He is only supposed to go in and observe and recon the situation. His directives are going to be, "Watch. Do not touch." The question is, can he do that? So there's definitely going to be an espionage element to it. It's not a heavy spy thriller though. There's still going to be a lot of super hero action. mentioned you would be introducing some new supporting characters. What can you tell us about these new cast members? We'll see a character who, interestingly enough, is going to make her first appearance in the "Spider-Man: Season One" graphic novel I wrote. She will become a confidant, ally and information broker for Venom. She's going to introduce him to some facets of the Marvel Universe that will take him aback. She becomes his ally and partner in many ways.  ...there is a villain that I'm bringing into "Venom" who becomes sort of a supporting cast member for at least several arcs. He's going to play havoc with Flash's emotions and mental stability, although in many ways he's going to be helping Flash at the same time. He's sort of a Hannibal Lector type -- and Venom is Clarice.
 After reading this, I am having my first set of doubts since I learned Bunn was taking over.  If you have been checking this site out in the last year, you know I'm a huge Remender supporter.  I loved what he did for Venom and how he reinvented the character so that old fans and new fans could enjoy reading his adventures.  "Circle of Four" was my least favorite arc during his run, so it is a little disappointing that that storyline will play a huge role in Bunn's first arc.  I am also not a huge fan of Venom being on the Secret Avengers (or any team for that matter) and while I don't think the 'watch, don't touch' rule will last long it sucks he isn't just out there in action at all times.  As for the supporting cast, I feel like I was just getting to know these characters (Betty, Crime Master, Jack...) so it is a shame that we will be starting fresh with new faces this fall.  The only thing that got me a bit hopefully is villain he mentions at the end, could that be Brock/Toxin?

How do you guys feel about the changes that will start in August?