May 16, 2012

august 2012 preview

August 2012

Venom 22
With his darkest secrets exposed to those he loves, Flash Thompson has one name on his hit list: Jack O’Lantern!
Series co-creator Rick Remender takes his final bow while Declan Shalvey joins the book for Flash Thompson’s defining hour as a hero!

Venom 23
The Avengers task Venom with bringing in Damion Hellstrom – but who are THE MONSTERS OF EVIL?!
Rising star Cullen Bunn (WOLVERINE) teams with the Spider-verse’s newest young gun, Thony Silas (ENDS OF THE EARTH) for a new dawn in the life of Flash Thompson!

Secret Avengers 30
High-spy-adventure! Hawkeye, Venom and Ant-Man must defeat an army of villains to grab Max Fury!
Secrets! The truth behind the Shadow Council’s ultimate plot!
Finally! The new Masters of Evil strike!
Paranoia! Black Widow knows who the traitor is, but can she get to her teammates in time to save them from his schemes?