May 10, 2012

bunn takes over for remender

Cullen Bunn is the new Venom writer

According to Marvel's Next Big Thing, Venom #22 (coming out this August) will be writer Rick Remender's last issue.  Cullen Bunn will be taking over the series starting with issue 23.  Below are some excerpts from the event, issue 22's cover, and a preview sketch:
"I think everybody responded well to Anti-Venom, and it was cool, but a lot of the symbiotes have become too sympathetic. We wanted to give Venom his own Venom. You've got Carnage out there, but we wanted one more. Eddie Brock as Toxin is a revenge-fueled nightmare monster." -Rick Remender
"Eddie Brock has been talking about an event he needed to cleanse symbiotes from the Earth for. Everybody thinks he's crazy, but he may know something." -Rick Remender
"Coming out of Savage Six, Venom is looking down the barrel of a lot of changes. For the first time he's making a conscious decision that he wants to be a hero. The problem is not a lot of people trust him and he doesn't really trust himself. He's on a short leash." -Cullen Bunn
"I got to do 92% of my Venom stories, but the good news is I'm still writing him in Secret Avengers." -Rick Remender
"Right now we're dealing more with Flash than the symbiote, but that doesn't mean he won't 'Hulk out' at some point. I try to keep it rare and special." -Rick Remender 
"Beaten to death in a gutter." -Rick Remender on the fate of Pat Mulligan, Toxin's former host. "It took place off panel, but Blackheart killed him to acquire the symbiote."
- Cullen's first arc on Venom will deal with fallout from Fear Itself: The Fearless, specifically This Week in Marvel favorite Daimon Hellstrom!
- The "symbiotes" currently appearing in Cullen's Captain America & Hawkeye are not connected to Venom, "but never say never."
- Rick and Cullen will continue working together to keep Flash's story consistent between Venom and Secret Avengers
- Rick spoke about wanting to thin the symbiote herd a bit with Eddie Brock's storyline.
- Cullen has been talking to Dan Slott about coordinating Venom and Amazing Spider-Man. Tom also hinting that "Venom may be running into a spider character based out of Texas soon..."

How do you feel about Remender's departure?  Are you looking forward to Bunn's take on the V-Man?