Dec 21, 2011

carnage usa

Carnage USA

  1. Part One - This Land is MY Land: Carnage vs The Avengers
  2. Part Two - Red, White, and Die!: Scorn and Mercury Team are dispatched to stop Carnage
  3. Part Three - Die Free or Live!: Mercury Team goes after Carnage
  4. Part Four - Oh Say Can You Scream!: Venom vs Carnage. The symbiotes are removed from their hosts.
  5. Part Five - The Dawn's Early Fright!: Flash vs Kasady.  The Carnage symbiote is captured
Mercury Team (Agony, Phage, Riot, Lasher) debuts in issue 2
Venom debuts in issue 3


  1. i can not wait to see the fifth issue cover because on the first series these guys did together the fith issue was sooooooooooooooooo bad arse =D GO CARNAGE! i hope this series has a happy ending for Carnage ... some kind of balance were spiderman is forced to hand over michael (begrudgingly) in a trade for the city ... its unlikly i know but id love to see what that would do to spiderman  =P

  2. lol i'll be happy if carnage kinda wins? you know hehe um... toxin, scorn, venom etc. all must live! um... and is it wrong for wanting spidey to get fucked up? lmao p.s hopefully we'll get a third series?

  3. Wells should re-vamp Ravencroft Asylum and do a story about Carnage in there. 

  4. I feel that Carnage should have stayed gone.

  5. i wont stomp on your views etc. but........... your the only one here who thinks this lol

  6. Yeah do some really good one off about carnage being at the nut house and spider-man goes to visit, like an nod to the killing joke

  7. I would love to see another round of Carnage tearing up Ravencroft! Would also love to see Carnage somehow work his way into the new Venom series after this series concludes.  Lots of new options and penitential for him now!!!