Dec 20, 2011

march 2012 preview

March 2012
Venom 14
• Mephisto Offers A Deal The Heroes Might Not Be Able To Refuse.
• Before Ghost Rider’s Decision Rips This New Team Apart, Can They Work Together To Stop Blackheart?
• Cap And The Avengers Might Have Something To Say About The Fallout.

Carnage USA 4
• Venom Enters Carnage, U.S.A.!
• Carnage Has Spider-Man On The Run And The Avengers In His Thrall – It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before Flash Thompson Entered The Symbiote-Fray!
• The Penultimate Portion Of Carnage’s Pain-Inducing Plot Proceeds!

Secret Avengers 24
• Hawkeye’s Leadership Put To The Ultimate Test After An Avenger Dies!
• The Secret Avengers Trapped In An Automaton City In The Center Of The Earth!
• Father And His Descendants Begin Their Plans To Spread Contagious Robot Evolution!
• A New Avenger Joins To Save Our Wayward Squad, But Will He Get There In Time?
(Venom is not confirmed to be in this issue)