Jun 30, 2011

sketches from venom 5 and 6

Venom's sophomore arc
With Amazing Spider-Man's 'Spider-Island' event fast approaching, Remender talks a bit more about Venom's role in the event as well as the future of the series at Marvel.com.  For the most part, this interview gives us information we already know - Venom is a huge player in Spider-Island, Flash's struggles with the symbiote/his own rage, there will be a Venom/Anti-Venom showdown.  What I found interesting was towards the end:
On the future of the series, Remender had plenty to say.
“Eddie Brock is going to become a part of the book so his relationship with Flash is going to be important,” he promises.

What exactly does that mean?  Are Eddie and Flash going to be partners?  Will Eddie once again become Venom?  Also, they touch upon Carnage USA and mention that Carnage will find his way in VENOM.  And if all of this info wasn't enough, there are pictures too!!!!  Below are sketches and a preview page from Venom #5 (Tony Moore) and a sketch from Venom #6 (Tom Fowler).

EDIT -  Two more Venom #5 preview pages (that was not part of the Marvel article) surfaced and have been added.  Take a look at The Human Fly below:

The more he talks, the more I like Rick Remender.  He is carefully recreating Venom by starting with Flash.  Similar to Spider-Man, he is building up the character behind the mask; I think this is crucial if we want this series to be around for a long time.