Jul 5, 2011

REVIEW: venom 1 - 4

It only seems like yesterday that Marvel announced the Venom ongoing series and now here we are at the conclusion of the first arc of the series.

The Story: Flash is on a mission to stop a shipment of Vibranium from falling into the wrong hands.  The mission takes him from Europe, to The Savage Lands, and concludes in New York.  Along the way he battles Jack O'Lantern, Kraven the Hunter, and Spider-Man.

The Good: Venom - I'll admit that I was a little weary when I learned that Venom was going to have yet another host.  However, I think Flash is perfect for the role.  Under Remender's pen, he has a lot of the great characteristics I loved about Eddie Brock's Venom (wanting to be a hero, constantly reasoning with the symbiote) and none of the ridiculous Mac Gargan ones (eating people's limbs off, growing 20x original size).  On the other side of the relationship, the symbiote is proving to be a main character in this series and not just a 'super power.'   The Writing - Rick Remender is doing a great job of not telling the whole story right from the beginning.  Other reviews have said that the pace is too slow and there are too many unanswered questions; I disagree.  The reader gets a firm understanding of the mission (or backdrop of the arc), the fact that the symbiote wants/needs Flash and that Flash will do anything to keep the symbiote, and Venom gets an arch nemesis (other than Spidey) all in the first four issues.  And of course there are going to be questions unanswered in the first arc, why else would there be a need to continue the series?

The Bad: Fowler's Art - Issue 3's Venom in particular.  It's not that I hate his art, it's just not Tony Moore's.  Spider-Man - I really hope he doesn't play a role in this series after Spider-Island because I can't stand that guy!  He comes out of nowhere and starts fighting Venom (assuming he is responsible for Betty's disappearance and without evening questioning who is in control of the symbiote now).

The Overall: 4 outta 5.  This series has met and exceeded all of my expectations for a Venom ongoing series!