Dec 7, 2010

amazing spider-man 654.1 sneak peak

A New Venom Debuts

A sneak peak of the new Venom debuting in February was released by today.
A couple of things that caught my eye: #1. Venom's red eyes. Are they really necessary? #2. This looks more like a team-up shot than a chase scene. Are Venom and Spider-Man going to be pals now? And #3. Does this mean Venom will never be a 'regular' size again? I don't think making him this massive creature is such a good idea.
I am pumped for new Venom stories, but at the same time I'm a little scared for him (look at Toxin and Anti-Venom). Great characters bonding with symbiotes don't always mean success. Lets just hope this new Venom doesn't become part of the 'Where Are They Now' family of symbiotes.
What are your thoughts/hopes for Venom 3.0?