Dec 2, 2010

what if? venom possessed deadpool

What If: Venom Possessed Deadpool?
  1. Chapter One: 1985 - The Man With The M.O.D.O.K. Butt: After leaving Spider-Man, the Symbiote bonds with Deadpool
  2. Chapter Two: 1993 - Straight Outta Secret Wars XII: Deadpool uses a bell tower to remove the Symbiote
  3. What If? Venom Possessed Deadpool Chapter Three: The Symbiote bonds with a girl to become Carnage Curl
  4. What If? Venom Possessed Deadpool 4: Venompool kills everyone one
  1. Venom/Deadpool 1: A collection of the four What If? stories

  • Symbiote possessing Deadpool is a backup story to the main comic
  • Venom/Deadpool encompasses the four stories into one comic
  • Venom and Anti-Venom appear in chapter three, What If? The Amazing Spider-Man Grim Hunt
  • Review of Venom/Deadpool