Dec 9, 2010

venom is back!

The Venom Project
Christmas comes early this year - news that Venom is getting his own on-going series starting in March 2011 has just been released!  With a new host for the Venom symbiote making his (or her) debut in Amazing Spider-Man 654.1 in February, our new Venom will then take on the world of...espionage?  According to the story at
Due to the volatile nature of Project Venom, the Pentagon has come in and flagged some of my answers for security concerns,” prefaces the writer. “[redacted], the enhanced, black ops agent Venom, is charged with chasing a trail across the globe to uncover the man behind a plot to sell the world’s dictators and terrorists weaponized [redacted], all while juggling a double life, and a growing addiction to a symbiote that is constantly trying to take him over.

Being a hardcore Venom fan, this news is fantastic; but what really has me excited is how they are going to approach the story:
Our focus isn’t the suit; it’s the man inside the suit and the sacrifice he makes by wearing it. To me, the character is a hero going in, what will the suit do to him, and will he comes out a hero, remains to be seen.

I'm sold!!  It reminds me of the early Eddie Brock struggling with the symbiote's desire to kill and his slow mental breakdown.  Could this be the new direction Venom needs in order to bring back our beloved anti-hero?  What do you guys think?  Are you as pumped for this as I am?  Leave a comment or sound of in the forums.  Only three months to wait!!

It is also worth noting that one of my prior criticisms about Venom having red eyes, may only be from a variant cover (according to  All of theses pictures of the new Venom have the classic white eyes.  Below are pics from the first cover and some concept art:

Venom #1 (March 2011)
Venom - Concept Art
Venom - Concept Art