Jan 3, 2011

REVIEW: what if venom possessed deadpool?

The Story: Deadpool bonds with the Venom symbiote and his 'adventures' as VenomPool in the 80's, 90's, and 2000's.

The Good: Looking for work - I struggled to find anything I actually like about this series.  However, in chapter two VenomPool is looking for work right before he rids himself of the symbiote.  I found that (as well as the newspaper headline: 'Secret Wars XI kills seven!  Changes two costumes' on the next page) humorous.  Other than that, the attempt at humor is just not funny.

The Bad: All four books - Maybe its because I don't follow Deadpool and therefore I don't understand his humor; maybe Marvel rushed this story to try and make a couple extra bucks off Venom fans that wouldn't normally purchase the What If's (how else do you explain misspelling 'possessed' in chapter three); or maybe this was just a lame attempt to merge Deadpool and Venom.  Whatever the case, I hated these books!

The Overall: 0 outta 5.  I cannot recommend these comics to anyone.  If you must read this, wait for the collection in February and save yourself $9.  With two very popular characters, I expected a lot more out of this.  However, what really upset me is that the writer of this garbage is the same writer for the new ongoing Venom series.  To be fair, this is the only Remender comic I've read and from what I heard he is very good.

Any Deadpool fans out there that like this book?  I would love to hear your reactions.