Oct 4, 2009

REVIEW: sinister spider-man

The Story: Venom has been posing as Spider-Man ever since Norman Osborn created his Dark Avengers. Mac Gargan has a vendetta against the newest mayor of NYC, J. Jonah Jameson. The Redeemer creates a group of 'super' villains to stop Venom.

The Good: The Redeemer's gang - I liked that this series created new adversaries for Venom. The characters actually had a decent back story for only being used for one series. Issue 3 rocked because it allowed Venom to literally destroy these guys without the typical 'he-is-going-to-jail-but-will-breakout-soon' ending. Mac Gargan as Venom - This has been the best set of comics ever since Mac became Venom, simply because he is fighting solo! No Thunderbolts, No Dark Avengers, just Venom wrecking havoc on NYC! Venom needs to ditch the teamwork and go back to being a one man show!

The Bad: Issue 4's cover - You might of caught my little rant when they first released the artwork for Issue 4. Basically, its the Worst. Cover. Ever. Issue 4's fight - Without giving away the entire story, how can you have multiple teen/adult content (dead hookers, a giant naked man, ripping body parts off and eating them) throughout the series and then have Bullseye use a poodle in the climatic fight in the last issue...it just made it seem childish and not funny.

The Overall: 4 outta 5. The first three issues were stellar, the 4th was a letdown. The artwork was unique and the story is good. Definitely worth checking out! Bring on more solo Venom adventures!!