Aug 30, 2009

ridiculous looking venom...

A Fat Godzilla Venom...Really??
Normally I do not post individual covers. I simply add them to the series' post when they become available. However, I felt the need to comment on this one (below) in particular. I have really enjoyed the first three issues of The Sinister Spider-Man series. The story has been great, I love the introduction of The Redeemer and his team (instead of having Venom fight a character he has already met before), and I think the art is fantastic and unique. That is why I was a little upset to see issue number four's cover. Maybe I am prejudging this and Venom actually does grow to a Godzilla type size and devours NYC....but I doubt it considering how the first three issues went. I'm all for the artist to take the character in a whole new direction (which I think they did in this series), but seriously....look at his gut!!!
Sorry for my little rant; I'm done now. What do you guys think?