Aug 2, 2008


Anti-Venom - Eddie Brock
During the events of Brand New Day, Eddie Brock has auctioned away the symbiote, is out of the hospital, and is in the final stages of his cancer. He is helping out at a shelter owned by Mister Negative. When Mister Negative touches Eddie's shoulder, he releases his power into Eddie's blood stream and removes his cancer. Venom then attacks the shelter and the symbiote bonds with Eddie's new blood unleashing a newly created symbiote - Anti-Venom. Anti-Venom now has the power to hurt other symbiotes and 'clean' individuals of their super powers (ie Spidey).

Eddie Brock used the Anti-Venom to cure NYC during the Spider-Island event.  Anti-Venom is no longer alive; Eddie Brock is currently bonded to the Toxin symbiote.