Aug 2, 2008

the amazing spider-man 568 - 573


  1. New Ways To Die Book 1 - Back with Vengeance: Venom and the Thunderbolts capture Peter Parker. Eddie Brock is working in a soup kitchen.
  2. New Ways To Die Book 2 - The Osborn Supremacy: Venom goes after Eddie Brock, thinking he is Spider-Man. The Symbiote tries to bond with Eddie, but his skin reacts and he becomes Anti-Venom.
  3. New Ways To Die Book 3 - The Killer Cure: Venom vs Anti-Venom vs Spider-Man
  4. New Ways To Die Book 4 - Opposites Attack: Anti-Venom tries to 'cure' Spider-Man as well as Radioactive Man.
  5. New Ways To Die Book 5 - Easy Targets: Anti-Venom and Spider-Man vs Bullseye. Norman injects Venom with a 'super-venom' serum and gives him back the Scorpion costume.
  6. New Ways To Die Book 6 - Weapons of Self Destruction: Anti-Venom vs Scorpion Venom. The symbiote will not allow Venom to kill Eddie Brock. Eddie escapes with Anti-Venom still in his blood.


Review of New Ways To Die

In Book 1, there is a parallel story (Fifth Stage) in which Eddie Brock leaves the soup kitchen and discovers that his cancer is gone.

Variant and Second Edition covers have been released for each book. Below are the ones with Venom or Ani-Venom:

569 Variant and 2nd Edition:
570 Ape Variant and 2nd Edition:
571 Variant and 2nd Edition