Jul 27, 2011

amazing spider-man 666-672


  1. Spider-Island Prologue: The One and Only - Venom vs terrorists
  1. Spider-Island Part Two: Peter Parker, The Unspectacular Spider-Man - Anti-Venom 'heals' infected New Yorkers; Venom is dropped in to fight the Spider-King
  2. Spider-Island Part Three: Arachnotopia - Anti-Venom continues to heal infected New Yorkers; Venom continues to battle the Spider-King
  3. Spider-Island Part Four: Spiders, Spiders Everywhere - Venom captures Anti-Venom and delivers him to Mr. Fantastic to use him to find a cure
  4. Spider-Island Part Five: A New Hope - Anti-Venom is used to create a cure
  5. Spider-Island Part Six: Boss Battle - Venom and Captain America vs The Spider Queen
#667 Spider-Island Part One - Venom does not appear
#673 Spider-Island Epilogue - Eddie Brock appears in one panel

Midtown Comics' Variant of ASM #666