May 8, 2018

venom: the first host details


BleedingCool is reporting a new VENOM mini series based on an Amazon description:
Before the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN...before VENOM... There was the FIRST HOST. 
The recent reunion of Eddie Brock and the Venom symbiote has been a shaky one. As their relationship has been fraught with secrets and lies, they have come to struggle as much with each other as with their own violent impulses. Things don't get any easier when the symbiote's long lost first host returns in need of Venom's help--only by reuniting can the two avert cosmic ruin! Can Eddie and the symbiote trust one another long enough to save the galaxy, or will THE FIRST HOST prove to be Venom's undoing?! Reuniting VENOM superstars Mike Costa and Mark Bagley, THE FIRST HOST is an action-filled epic befitting the Wicked Web-slinger's 30th Anniversary, with twists and turns as only the House of Ideas can provide! 
COLLECTING: Venom: First Host 1-5
It looks like the collection will be released in December. Does that mean we can expect another weekly mini series in August or September?  I wonder how or if this will connect to tomorrow's all new volume of VENOM...