Apr 3, 2018

original ryan stegman venom art giveaway

Win Venom by Stegman Art

A loyal and generous TVSer is donating an original Venom piece that Ryan Stegman drew on his YouTube Channel a few weeks back (he has provided proof that he is the owner of the original piece):

All you need to do to enter for this prize is subscribe to the We Are Venomaniacs Podcast Channel on Youtube.  We will take all public subscribers (sorry, we cannot view the private ones) from now until April 30th and randomly pull a winner!  If you are already a subscriber, you are already entered to win.  Myself and hosts of the podcast are disqualified from winning (sorry guys!).   

Shipping will be free in the US, but if the winner is international he/she must agree to pay the shipping costs to receive the prize.

Since I am not currently in possession of the piece, I cannot guarantee any time of delivery window after the contest is over; however, I will put you in contact with the donor ASAP.

Thanks to James for supporting the podcast with this giveaway and thanks again to the awesome podcast hosts, especially Orion who works on organizing them and reaching out to creators to get them on.  Seriously guys, if you haven't listen to the latest episode YOU NEED TO CHECK IT OUT! If you have any suggestions on what you would like to hear the Venomaniacs talk about on future episodes, please drop us a line!

Contest is over: Congrats to Brett for winning!!!!