Mar 9, 2018

venom variant covers and the panels that inspired them

Venom Variant vs Inspiration

Marvel is doing something really cool with their variant covers for Venom's 30th birthday; they are depicting pivotal moments in Eddie Brock's reign as Venom on each cover.  Check it out:

Amazing Spider-Man 300

Amazing Spider-Man 299

Amazing Spider-Man 347

Spectacular Spider-Man: The Hunger

Amazing Spider-Man 362

Web of Spider-Man 95

Venom: Separation Anxiety

Venom: The Enemy Within

Venom: The Mace

Venom: Sinner Take All

Peter Parker Spider-Man 10

Venom: Dark Origin

Venom: Funeral Pyre

Peter Parker Spider-Man 12

Incredible Hulk Vs Venom

Venomverse 1

Venomverse 1

Venom: The Madness

Amazing Spider-Man 375

Spider-Man 52

[Thanks to WolfCypher for the idea!]