Mar 28, 2017

the venom movie updates

The Venom Movie

When it was announced almost two weeks ago that Sony came out and gave The Venom Movie an official release date, I (as well as most of the community) was beside themselves with joy!  Our favorite character was getting a chance to redeem himself on the big screen because, lets face it, SPIDER-MAN 3 was not a well done adaptation of Venom.  Except for that bell tower scene, I loved that!

Well more and more information started to leak out about this project, a lot can change in two weeks.

First, it seems as though The Venom Movie is shooting for an R-rating and is now a horror move. With the success of DEADPOOL and LOGAN, this seems like a logical step since the character is a lot darker than Spider-Man and there is no way you can introduce Carnage in this universe and do him justice without an R-rating.  I get that.  

Then the news has hit that The Venom Movie will not be connected to the all.  This to me is a terrible idea. INFINITY WARS will send Spider-Man into space.  This is the perfect opportunity to introduce the symbiote without bogging down half a movie.

Now the notion that Spider-Man will no longer be part of the MCU after the his sequel has hit the web.  This to me is Sony just being greedy.

The Venom Movie will not work without Spider-Man.  Spidey is essential to Venom's origin.  With Spider-Man still connected to the MCU when The Venom Movie is set to release, will that mean he is not in it?  Will we have a different Spider-Man than the one in HOMECOMING?  

This movie is huge for Venom.  He is not as popular as Spidey; if this movie does poorly, he will not get a second reboot.  Sony needs to do this right and the only way I see that happening is to work with Marvel and introduce the character slowly.

What does the community think?  Are you willing to sacrifice a true Venom movie for a Sony cash grab flick as long as it is still a good movie?  Are you happy that Venom isn't part of the MCU so that we can get an R-rated film?