Dec 8, 2016

venom #150 event

VENOM #150
An insert in a recent calendar shipped out to retailers reveals the upcoming VENOM #150.  From

Marvel is ramping up for its upcoming Inhumans vs X-Men event, an anticipated falling out that has already claimed its share of victims. It turns out though that Marvel has another big event planned for 2017, and it includes two fan favorite characters. In the Inhumans vs X-Men calendar that was recently shipped out to retailers, there is an insert advertising the upcoming Venom #150. The cover has Venom galloping up the side of a building, and he's carrying a certain web-slinger in his hand. It looks like there are big things coming from this event, as the text states "The biggest Venom story in ten years!". 
It's dated May 2017, so there is some time left for more details to surface, and whatever fallout is coming from The Clone Conspiracy will have either become the new normal or subsided by the time this is set to launch. 
Venom and Spider-Man are frequent sparring partners, but they've also worked together on more than one occasion. Spider-Man has never worked wit this version of Venom, though, as the black symbiote recently got a new host named Lee Price. Price and the symbiote aren't getting off to that warm of a start, and it seems the symbiote is attempting to go away from its violent past. Lee doesn't want anything to do with passivity, though, and it should be interesting to see this new host and suit combo interact with everyone's favorite Webhead. 
While it's assumed that the host is Price, the #150 aspect could mean it's a different host. The event could also result in a return from several previous hosts of the suit, including Eddie Brock, but that is all conjecture at this point.

How awesome is this!!  With 60 VENOM issues in his limited series run in the 90's, 18 issues in VENOM vol. 1, 5 VENOM: DARK ORIGIN issues, 42 issues in VENOM vol. 2 (plus 5 .1 issues), 13 issues of VENOM: SPACE KNIGHT....the 7th issue of VENOM vol. 3 will bring us to #150!

What do you hope happens in this historical issue?

[Thanks to @OrionStarb0y for the tip]