Oct 6, 2016

nycc 16 symbiote toys and figures

Upcoming Symbiote Figures

It is NY Comic Con time once again!  I will try to update the site with any upcoming news as soon as possible, but following the twitter account is probably the quickest way you will get the latest information (I'm away this weekend and it is a lot easier to hit 'retweet' than to update a post).

While a lot of information hasn't been released yet, we have multiple toys and figures that were on display:

  • Anti-Venom and Venom Space Knight  minimates

  • Mini Tsum Tsum Anti-Venom and Venom

  • Venom Ornament

  • Sideshow Venom and Carnage

[Thanks to @Bizarnage for the tips and pics and @thecollector22 for the tsum tsum pic]

Hit me up on Twitter or Email if I'm missing anything!