Dec 17, 2015

classic venom joins marvel puzzle quest game

Puzzle Quest Venom

When it was first launched, Puzzle Quest had Mac Gargan Venom as a playable character.  Last year, it added Carnage and now Eddie Brock Venom! And what about Mr. Brock? I’ve gotta admit, after playing with Venom’s 1-Star version I can’t wait to see what new tricks he can pull off. 
Joe Fletcher: Much like how Miles is different than Peter Parker’s Spider-Man, this version of Venom is a totally different beast than Mac Gargan’s take. This version of Venom focuses on raw power and canny tricks as opposed to the gluttonous appetite that Gargan Venom brings in. As a Green/Black/Yellow character, players that normally use X-Force Wolverine for those color combos may find a new character to use. Green brings out the symbiotic relationship aspect with “Symbiotic Fury.” Eddie and pal rage across the battlefield, destroying all their opponents’ carefully placed traps and support while raging on a targeted foe. In game terms, this means that they’ll deal damage to a target, but also destroy random tiles for each enemy special tile on the board. This can create some great board shake and additional cascades depending on how much the opponent likes spamming special tiles. “Give and Take” is their second ability, and is a pure Passive with a new mechanic, somewhat similar to Falcon’s ability to increase tile strengths. Here, Brock manipulates the battlefield and negates their protection but leaves the symbiote open to attack, which decreases enemy Protect tile strength but increases enemy Attack tile damage. At higher levels, this can nearly totally negate any strategies the opponent may have towards keeping themselves protected through copious Protect tiles, like Purple matches from Spider-Man for example. Lastly, the Yellow power is “Lethal Protector.” Here, Venom provides his twisted take on power and responsibility, using brute strength to save innocents while creating chaos in the process. What this does is deal damage to a targeted opponent, but also creates decently powerful enemy Protect tiles in the process as a result of his inelegant attack. Of course, with a strong showing in “Give and Take,” that may not mean too much... Would a full team of Spidery-Men work here? Say Peter, Miles, and Eddie? What sort of synergies do you see coming out of these guys? 
Joe Fletcher: Peter, Miles, Eddie, and [Carnage] are all usable at the same time, but you’ll have to choose between Eddie Brock Venom and Mac Gargan Venom. The symbiote can only be with one host at a time. The Mac Gargan version will benefit greatly from the web tiles that Miles can produce, making his Devour instant kill become a real threat. But being a 1* character, he’s going to be pretty squishy out there with the guys and gals in the big leagues. Meanwhile, Spider-Man can make use of Miles’ webs for additional healing or stun for Classic, or for stung and damage if you’re using Original Spider-Man. Eddie Brock meanwhile is a natural foil for Spider-Man, negating his Protect tiles while also being able to destroy swathes of the board with each one Peter places. He still works well with either Miles or Peter, having 2 color strengths they each don’t have, but synergistically they’re not a perfect match. And can you dig into the newest episode a little bit for us? What sort of story are we looking at here? 
Joe Fletcher: Venom Bomb is our next episode and is a continuation of the story and provides the first real media “oops” that H.A.M.M.E.R. has provided for the embattled S.H.I.E.L.D. In this episode, Norman Osborn has Doctor Octopus and a team working on a symbiote sample in order to create a controllable symbiote that he can use as the base of an army. You know, as you do. Peter and Miles discover this plot and go to foil it. In the ensuing chaos, one of Osborn's agents detonates the semi-weaponized symbiote sample, called the Venom Bomb in the middle of Times Square. The newly released sample multiplies, creating dozens, hundreds of rogue symbiotes out of the surrounding city-folk. H.A.M.M.E.R., that’s not going to look good on the nightly news!

Are you playing this mobile game?  I actually downloaded it and enjoyed it when it first came out.  However, when I got a new phone and found that my account did not transfer over, I never went back.  Looks like now that Classic Venom is available, I might have to give it another go!