Jul 6, 2015

brock/toxin will be in carange's ongoing series

Eddie Brock Returns

All of you Eddie Brock/Toxin fans can finally get as excited as Agent Venom fans!  Eddie Brock will be (what sounds like a major player) in the post Secret Wars CARNAGE ongoing series!

In an official Marvel podcast, Marvel senior editor Ben Morse discusses upcoming All-New All-Different titles, including CARNAGE (sorry if this isn't verbatim as I was transcribing the CARNAGE part myself).  The team of editors begin talking about CARNAGE at mark 33:34:

There is a Carnage ongoing series, written by Gerry Conway.  Drawn by Mike Perkins.  Covers by Mike Del Mundo.  This team is hard to beat.
There is a group that has come together to hunt Carnage down.
Now who is hunting Carnage?  Well first of all, the FBI; they don't like serial killers.
As far as your Marvel Universe characters:
John Jameson - astronaut, former wolf-man, and man-wolf.
You also got Eddie Brock.
He has a connection to some symbiotes I believe.
He certainly does; the original Venom.  Eddie Brock is most recently been seen as Toxin.  You think that might not be a good idea to put a symbiote on the hunt for Carnage - you're gonna have to read to find out.
Other surprises up our sleeve - the first story they are tracking him and it involves a coal mine and things get scary and ugly.  It is a terrifying book.

What are your thoughts on Toxin hunting down Carnage?  This Fall is going to be a great time to be a symbiote fan!!

[Thanks to @Bizarnage for the tip]