Jul 24, 2014

sdcc 2014 updates

With San Diego Comic Con kicking off today there will be a lot (at least I hope) of Symbiote related goodness to report!  I will continue to update this post as I am informed.  So please continue to Tweet/Email me any news I may have missed.

Update 2
No information relating to Venom or symbiotes was revealed during the Spider-Verse panel this year.

Update 1
Not much information was given about the upcoming Carnage mini during the Marvel AXIS Panel yesterday:
They can't say much about what the [Carnage] tie-ins will be about, but Nick Lowe says "You have to trust us."

Remender mirrored the answer and said he'd be working with Hobgoblin and Jack O'Lantern and "some really unexpected Carnage stuff."

Two Carnage Figures from the preview night (Fine Art Maximum Carnage & Marvel Select Carnage):

 [Thanks to @Bizarnage for the tip]

Marvel's Spider-Man panel is scheduled for tomorrow at 10am PST.  What type of Venom news are you hoping for?

Any TVSers at SDCC this year?