Jul 14, 2014

axis revolutions 1 cover

Axis Revolutions
This October, Carnage will be a star player in Marvel's AXIS event.  We already know that he will be apart of the main story as well as staring in his own spin-off - AXIS: CARNAGE.  Now we learn that he will be appearing (at least on the cover) of the AXIS REVOLUTIONS mini that will accompany the main story:

From Marvel:
Also starting in October, the battles spill over into AXIS REVOLUTIONS, a four issue limited series that will see various creators chronicle the action AXIS itself can't contain! In the first installment, writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Ken Lashley examine the opening salvos as Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the Children of the Atom begin their campaign!

Will you be purchasing all of the AXIS stories because of Carnage?