Apr 26, 2014

venom news from c2e2 2014

We got very little upcoming Venom news from C2E2, but we did get one awesome upcoming cover.  Check it out the comments from the Spider-Man panel:

"Fan wants to know if we'll see Toxin. Nick Lowe says you'll see lots of symbiotes in Deadpool vs Carnage." 
"Eddie Brock is a character we've been talking a lot about, but nothing specific for him right now."  
"Lots of detail on Venom's history and background in Guardians of the Galaxy."
"Flash-Venom as we call him in the office said Lowe, is out in space w/the Guardians of the Galaxy for the foreseeable future."

The cover of 100th Anniversary Special: Spider-Man by Sean Ryan. Art and cover by In-Hyuk Lee:

UPDATE: The LAXTimes Hero Complex site sheds some light on the above cover:
Peter Parker finds himself in extremely difficult circumstances (naturally) in the “Spider-Man” 100th anniversary issue, written by Sean Ryan with In-Hyuk Lee handling the art and cover. After trying and failing to destroy the Techno-Symbiote suit, Peter and the suit’s former owner, Eddie Brock, were kidnapped by the Kingpin, who then killed Eddie, leaving Peter to battle the villain and the technologically enhanced alien on his own. [Thanks to Venomettiu for the tip]

Thanks to all who sent in tips!!  I'll update this post as more come in.