Apr 23, 2014

FIRST IMPRESSION: guardians of the galaxy 14


I was excited when it was announced that Venom would be joining the Guardians of the Galaxy.  Being half alien, I thought it was a perfect fit and can't believe he was never sent to space before.  Since the trailer for the upcoming movie was released, I learned a little bit about the GOTG, but this was my first time reading the comic.  
I thought the pages with Venom were great!  We learn that Venom was sent to space by The Avengers to be part of The Guardians (a backstory that will be explained in full in the issue on Free Comic Book Day) and get a small glimpse into what other alien species think of the symbiote and Flash's reaction.  The questions this first issue Venom is in has me anxious to see how this series helps to develop the character even more!  

What did you think?