May 10, 2013

rough sketches of venom 37 by declan shalvey

Shalvey Sketches
In today's interview with Robot 6, Declan Shalvey shared some rough sketches of his cover for Venom 37:

Your main work for the past couple months has been drawing Venom for Marvel. Venom’s a very cartoonish character visually, but adding the military approach Tony Moore did gives it a little more substance. Visually, art-wise, what’s it like drawing a character that you can do more with than a standard human body? 
Venom has been a great book to work on, but the character specifically has been a real pleasure to draw. I think Tony designed an excellent costume that’s a great mix of military gear, organic elements and that classic Venom still incorporated. I had a hard time getting my head around how to draw him at first, but then everything clicked together and now drawing him is like second nature. I think what I've done with him is stray a little from what Tony did, especially in the eyes. The goggle-eyes weren't working for me, so I wanted to make the eyes creepier, and because the costume itself is a living thing, I could incorporate small changes quite organically. The suit allowed me to be a lot more expressive with how I drew him. The panels where Flash loses control were great to draw because I could actually change his physical appearance to portray his emotions, which is a great tool to have and something you couldn't do with another masked character like Spider-Man for example. Balancing that grounded military look with the more cartoonish symbiotic elements was really interesting and satisfying.