Mar 16, 2013

REVIEW: thunderbolts 1-6

With the start of Marvel NOW!, The Thunderbolts relaunched with a new group consisting of Agent Venom.  Was this a step up from his time as an Avenger or is his membership on this team  unnecessary?  Unfortunately, I think it is the latter.

The Story: General Ross recruits Agent Venom, The Punisher, Deadpool, and Electra to join the Thunderbolts.  Their first mission is in Kata Jaya.

The Good: The Colors - I am a fan of the Red/Black Venom color scheme.  They feel like an actual team by wearing the same 'uniform.'  The colors also make the covers stand out.

The Bad: Agent Venom - My biggest fear going into the series was the depiction of Venom; he does not feel or act like the same character.  From the first time we meet him in issue #1, he is mowing down soldiers.  This is not the Venom I have seen in his ongoing series.  This is not the Venom I prefer.  The Story - After six issues, I still don't care about this mission or these characters.  The Art - Like many others have already pointed out, everyone looks the same.

The Overall: 0 outta 5.  Disappointing.  I really don't like to review an arc just to bash it, but as a Venom fan I really did not enjoy this story.  I wanted to give Daniel Way another chance after his 2003 Venom run, but I just can't get excited for this title.  Like his Venom, the pace is slow, the story is lackluster, and he doesn't do Venom justice.  I would be curious to hear what fans of the other characters thought of their portrayal on this team.  My hope is that the roster gets reshuffled and Venom is back to being under one writer.