Feb 7, 2013

venom hinted for ASM 2

Ultimate Venom on the big screen
Could Venom be making his way back to movie theaters with the release of Amazing Spider-Man 2 next summer?  Well the Internet was all a buzz when director Marc Webb released the following:

Is that the lab where Eddie Brock first showed Peter the Venom suit?  Is it just a morgue?  Does #happybirthday refer to Venom's 25th anniversary this month?  Is it for the birthday of the actor playing Harry Osborn?  This video sums up these speculations nicely:

So, what do you guys think?  Should the movie follow in the footsteps of the USM cartoon and have Harry as Venom?  Should it stick to the comics and cast Eddie Brock for ASM2?  Or would you like Flash (who already appeared in the first movie) to bond with the suit and take more of an Agent Venom approach?

As long as it is better than Spider-Man 3, I don't care who gets the suit!