Feb 7, 2013

upcoming venom appearances

Venom's future guest appearances
One of the great things about Twitter is that creators can give us fans little hints as to whats to come in our favorite character's future!  While it is a lot easier to press 'retweet,' I figured there was enough 'news' to dedicate a post to. 

First up Cullen Bunn hints that Venom might show up in Fearless Defenders:

Cullen also hints that Venom might be part of Age of Ultron:

Finally, Daniel Way suggests Venom will be in another one of his books:

So that begs the question, do you like Venom being so popular and popping up all around the Marvel U?  I know for me, I HATE his little obscure appearances in one panel (please keep notifying me of these!); however, I love it when he shows up for an arc in a different title.