Oct 12, 2012

2012 upper deck marvel premier

2012 Venom Card
It has been about 15 years since I collected comic (or baseball) cards, so I am WAY out of the loop.  I do, however, still have my Venom vs Spider-Man 3D hologram card - my most prized possession as a 13 year old.  Alas, It was just one of the hobbies I couldn't keep up with.  Now it looks like there is another round of Upper Deck cards coming out this year.  Below is one of the Venom cards:

If you are a Venom fan who also collects cards and wants to point me in the direction of a checklist or images for this (or any other trading card series) featuring a symbiote, please let me know.  

[Thanks to‏ OrionSTARB0Y for the tip]